Old Town Gymnastics Academy

  3800 Reynolda Road   Suite # 170         336-681-1599 cell phone

    Old Town Shopping Center                    336-815-1266 gym phone

Dress Code:

Girls: leotards, gym shorts, loose t shirts are NOT appropriate, bare feet, long hair pulled back, dance shoes for Jazznastics class

Boys: t-shirt, shorts or sweat pants, bare feet

NOTE:  blue jeans are hard to move in and extra loose clothing is hard to spot children through their skills, so leotards are best, most 2 piece outfits are NOT appropriate!

Absences, Make Ups, Inclement Weather, Etc:

* Make up classes must be scheduled with Coach Alex 

*  Sick children (flu/fever/etc) should stay at home (schedule a make up)

*  Dropping, changing or joining a class must be done through Coach Alex 

*  Inclement weather:  check FB for announcements

* Tuition is not adjusted for missed classes

* Tuition is due BEFORE the first class of the month

* Gymnasts should be dressed appropriatly for class

* Tuition continues until a written drop notice is given to Coach Alex by the 15th of month PRIOR to dropping!